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The Classifications of Triangles

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As students reach middle school, they will be confronted with the various classifications of triangles, each of which must be understood. They are:

Equilateral Triangles. These have three equal sides and angles. In all cases, each individual angle in an equilateral triangle will measure 60 degrees.

Right Angle Triangles. As the name suggests, these are triangles that feature one right angle. The other two angles will be acute, which means they measure less than 90 degrees.

Isosceles Triangles. These are similar to equilateral triangles, except that an isosceles triangle will only have two equal sides and angles.

Scalene Triangles. Perhaps the most awkward classification of triangles, these have no equal sides. Technically, a right angled triangle is also classified as a scalene triangle.

Acute Angle Triangles. These are triangles in which all three angles are below 90 degrees. Both isosceles and equilateral triangles are also acute angle triangles.

Obtuse Angle Triangles. These are triangles in which one angle is above 90 degrees.