About Adapted Mind Math

Adapted Mind Math

Believing that real learning also can be fun, Adapted Mind has created engaged math lesson plans for students in kindergarten to sixth grade. The Adapted Mind lessons include a points system and badges that make the learning-based games fun to play. The program is also adaptive. Before beginning a new curriculum, students take a pretest to determine their current math skills. Their problems adjust in difficulty as they make progress and demonstrate learning.

Adapted Mind closely tracks the progress of students in real time, and progress reports are available in email format to both students and parents. The reports provide a simple schematic of what the child has learned and what topics still need to be mastered. In addition, the reports provide actionable insights so that parents and teachers can supplement learning.

More than 95 percent of program participants have reported greater confidence and ability in the classroom. Individuals can learn more about getting started with the program online at AdapatedMind.com. In addition to arithmetic lessons, the company provides lessons in reading.