Adapted Mind Makes Learning Math Fun


Adapted Mind Math pic
Adapted Mind Math

Through an immersive, gamified learning experience, Adapted Mind Math helps K-6 students improve their math skills through instruction and exercises. All of Adapted Mind Math’s offerings are in line with common core standards and are designed specific to each grade level.

Learning math does not have to be an exercise in tedium. The Adapted Mind platform is specifically designed to create a fun and interactive learning environment by operating with a game-centric setting, incentivizing learning through virtual prizes.

As students progress through the learning exercises, they earn points, which they can spend on collecting these virtual prizes. They only way they get points, however, is by learning and mastering new skills. By incentivizing the process, students are more likely to push through barriers and reach new levels of learning. According to a survey of parents whose children have taken part in the platform, more than 95 percent of them show an increase in both confidence and overall math ability.


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