Using Repetition and Online Resources to Practice Math Skills

Adapted Mind Math

Adapted Mind Math offers multiple ways to work on math concepts. And because there are a number of ways to practice your mathematics skills, Adapted Mind Math’s available resources can be used to explain difficult concepts from a different angle.

Some of the more common ways to practice math is through repetition and worksheets. These types of exercises give you the chance to practice concepts through a variety of different examples and are a mainstay of elementary education. However, until a concept has been fully grasped, practice sheets can end up being more of a frustration than a help for students. Another resource that can be used are dynamic practice sections on websites that adapt based on what questions you answer correctly. This type of resource gives you more practice with concepts that are unfamiliar or more difficult, and they allow you to move past sections that are more easily grasped, resulting in a more focused practice based on the individual needs of each student.


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