An Overview of Math Fluency

Adapted Mind Math pic
Adapted Mind Math

Adapted Mind Math uses web-based instructional videos and gaming elements to improve a child’s math skills. Adapted Mind Math problems cover a range of mathematical topics, from basic addition and subtraction to advanced algebra and geometry.

Math fluency is a term used to describe a child’s ability instantly to recall the basic components of mathematics. Children generally begin learning addition and subtraction in the first grade, and it is around this time that the development of math fluency begins. Though a first grader’s math fluency may be limited to relatively simple concepts such as 0+0, and later 9+8, these instances of recall serve as the building blocks for more complex equations further down the line.

Basic addition facts can be defined as single digit equations with sums lower than 19. The operations used to solve a problem such as 3+2 should become reflexive as a child progresses in his or her education, to the point that teaching a child to add double digit figures with sums exceeding 19 or 20, equations that require the mathematical skill of regrouping, represents a progressive lesson rather than a brand new academic concept.

Of course, the development of math fluency is not as simple as repeatedly presenting children with addition and subtraction facts. Children learn at vastly different rates, regardless of age and intelligence, and a child must first possess the basic concepts of mathematics before initiating fluency. For example, teachers must first convey to students the concept that the order of numbers does not affect an equation. Without an understanding of basic concepts such as this, the development of math fluency will not progress as intended.


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